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What Recovery After COVID-19 Looks Like in Post-Acute Care

The road to recovery after COVID-19 will vary for every individual. Some of those infected by the virus might have mild symptoms, while others will have to quarantine themselves for several weeks in order to not cause spread. Some patients might not develop any symptoms at all and may go on with their lives not knowing they ever had the virus. For individuals that are in post-acute care and have contracted the Coronavirus, there is an increase who will have to be hospitalized or worse, be taken into intensive care. For them, the road to recovery will not end once they leave the hospital, it will just be the beginning. 

For patients that have contracted COVID-19 in a hospital setting, recovery leads to an eventual discharge to a skilled nursing post-acute care facility. Post-acute care has been affected from the beginning by patients who have contracted the coronavirus. These patients may have many concerns about recovery after becoming ill. Here are some issues caused by the Coronavirus.

Issues After COVID-19

According to Yale Medicine, “an estimated 20-50% of patients continue to face health challenges after being discharged from the hospital.” These challenges can range from lack of energy, sore muscles, to pulmonary issues. Patients may have trouble doing normal everyday activities, such as running, walking, or even taking a shower and getting dressed. This is especially true for patients with prolonged time in the ICU as they tend to develop ICU-related weakness that affects nerves and body tissue

Rehabilitation is essential in recovery and will help to restore you from the effects of COVID-19 back to your normal routine. Recovery through rehabilitation is essential and fundamental in any post-acute care facility. Not everyone can recover quickly, however, recovery from any illness can be established by preventing long term issues such as “physical, cognitive, swallow impairments, and provision of psychological support”.

Recovery Delivery

As any healthcare professional will tell you, the most important thing to do in the process of regaining your health is to keep the spread of COVID-19 to a minimum. The rehabilitation process will look very different for individuals who have contracted the virus than from the traditional process we are used to. Patients in post-acute care facilities are at a special advantage as you have healthcare professionals that are specially trained in patient-centered care. Post-acute facilities are equipped with staff and supplies to lower the risk of infection and to minimize the spread with proper procedures to contain the virus. 

As virtual technology continues to change the way we live during the pandemic, it will continue to be essential when it comes to the recovery from COVID-19. Doctors and nurses will continue to rely heavily on telemedicine when it comes to patients impacted by COVID-19. Doctors may prefer using virtual options like telehealth technology to face-to-face visits as much as possible only meeting patients in-person when necessary. 

Recovery From Anxiety & Depression

The pandemic has brought upon issues that go beyond its regular symptoms. Contracting COVID-19 can impact you physically and also emotionally. Isolation and financial troubles have impacted most of the country during the health crisis. These issues are especially heavy on people who have been in quarantine and have also spent time in the hospital or the ICU. 

According to a study done by SocialPro, 1 out of 3 people in the U.S. feel more lonely because of COVID-19, and up to 9 out of 10 people feel more anxious as a result of the pandemic. Being in constant contact with friends and family will go a long way in getting back to normal and feeling less alone during this time of social distancing. Studies have shown people without social support also have lower chances of full recovery than those with a strong network around them. During rehabilitation therapy and post-acute care, you will always have experts with your best interest in mind around you.

The Road Ahead

Rehabilitation can take a long time and the sooner you start, the faster you can get back to your normal life. If you are in need of post-acute care in Southern California, begin your journey at South Coast Post Acute.  We are a 5-star rated Medicare facility and we treat each patient like family. The combination of our expert staff, exceptional care, passion, and commitment provides the best possible post-acute recovery and rehabilitation to get you healthy and home. Contact us today and become part of the community of choice in Southern California.

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