A model of a brain that is split in half to show the anatomy after brain injury
Post-Acute Rehabilitation After a Brain Injury

Recovering from a brain injury is difficult, therefore rehabilitation is a crucial part of getting back to the life you love. Learn how to get started today!

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An elderly couple are going through physical therapy exercises with their nurse
Physical Therapy Trends in Post-Acute Care

With healthcare and patient recovery top-of-mind during our current COVID-19 health crisis, physical therapy for patients is vital to a successful recovery.

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An elderly woman is undergoing speech therapy with a nurse
What Can Speech Therapy Do for the Elderly?

Speech therapy is often a necessary task for seniors after undergoing debilitating events such as a stroke or dementia. Learn how it can benefit your loved one.

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an elderly patient in physical therapy is holding a small colorful ball
Trends That Are Rocking Physical Therapy Practices in 2020

Physical therapy is essential in patient rehabilitation and successful post-acute care recovery rates. Discovery how this treatment is essential in recovery.

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A woman is getting a massage during her early rehabilitation
Early Rehabilitation Rationale After Acute Injuries & Illness

early rehabilitation has become a focus for medical experts in hopes of reducing these negative effects and improving the quality of life of the patient.

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A doctor is talking with an elderly patient discussing her COVID-19 recovery
Positives of Moving to A Post-Acute Care Home For COVID-19 Patient Recovery

With the surge of COVID-19 patients that have overwhelmed hospitals across the nation, successful patient recovery is top of mind. Learn how post-acute can help.

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A woman is crying while looking outside her bedroom due to memory loss
Coping With Your Loved One’s Memory Loss

One of the most difficult things somebody will go through is witnessing a loved one lose their memory. Here are some tips to cope with these difficult times.

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patient and doctor with masks, COVID-19 recovery
COVID-19 Recovery: The Positives of Moving to A Post-Acute Care Home

With the surge of Coronavirus patients that have overwhelmed hospitals across the nation, successful COVID-19 recovery is top of mind. …

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A female healthcare worker is showing how to use a blood glucose monitor to a patient over webcam
4 Ways Technology is Enriching The Healthcare Industry

As the world becomes more reliant on technology, new innovations are popping up in all areas to make our lives …

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