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Black and white image of grief sad senior woman with head in her hands

How To Handle Grief Created by the Pandemic

Grief brought on by the Coronavirus has brought emotional challenges to many elderly and their support system. Post-acute care has been hit hard. Patients can get through this.

Various Viruses populate a bloodstream

Respiratory Viruses and the Elderly

Respiratory viruses in the elderly can be severe. With the Coronavirus on the rise, South Coast Post Acute gives you tips on protecting yourself.

A doctor is measuring the weight of a patient to check for obesity

Obesity in Post-Acute Care

As a fully-equipped post-acute care facility, South Coast Post Acute can receive and care for diverse patients including those with obesity.

An elderly couple holding hands arthritis

Care Management for Arthritis in Seniors

Arthritis symptoms can cause seniors some difficulty. We care about your health. Click for tips on care management for arthritis in seniors.

Three elderly women taking a efficient stroll in a city park in the winter to promote senior care

Winter Health Risks for Seniors

Winter can bring up health risks for seniors. South Coast Post Acute wants to keep you healthy and safe. Read on about winter health tips during recovery.

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