Physical Therapy

Grandfather suffering from herniated disc

Physical Therapy for a Herniated Disc

Physical therapy is often an effective treatment option for a herniated disc and can help patients manage their pain, and improve their range of motion.

man holding shoulder in need of physical therapy

When Physical Therapy Doesn’t Work

Understanding what’s at the root of physical therapy routines that don’t deliver the best results is the start of fine-tuning your solution toward regained health.

Innovative Technology in Physical Therapy

The days of simply enrolling into a physical therapy program and engaging in exercises are not enough. Learn more about how technology is enhancing every level of one’s physical therapy journey.

A man holding his lower back due to his herniated disc

Living With a Herniated Disc

A herniated disc can range from mild aches to severe pain that can be felt throughout your entire body. Learn how you can live with this condition here.

physical therapy

Physical Therapy: A New Beginning

Physical therapy helps patients recover and manage their health, so they can get back to their normal routine.

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