Post-Acute Care

A woman is crying while looking outside her bedroom due to memory loss

Coping With Your Loved One’s Memory Loss

One of the most difficult things somebody will go through is witnessing a loved one lose their memory. Here are some tips to cope with these difficult times.

A depressed woman coping with grief sits on a couch

3 Ways to Handle Grief During the Pandemic

When managing grief, it is important to identify and be aware of your grief, understand its effects on yourself and others, and focus on self-care.

Black and white image of grief sad senior woman with head in her hands

How To Handle Grief Created by the Pandemic

Grief brought on by the Coronavirus has brought emotional challenges to many elderly and their support system. Post-acute care has been hit hard. Patients can get through this.

A female doctor is putting on her gloves to top the spread of infections COVID-19

Containing COVID-19 in Post Acute Care

If COVID-19 enters into any skilled nursing facility containing the virus is it the primary concern. Use CDC guidelines to manage the illness with care.

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