Post-Acute Care

nutritionists meet with post-acute patients

How Nutritionists Help in Post-Acute Settings

Nutritionists are skilled in reactions between diet and the human body. In post-acute care settings, nutritionists contribute to patient recovery efforts. 

Amputee during post-acute treatment

How Does Post-Acute Care Help Amputees?

The right rehabilitation plan is imperative as amputees regain mobility. Adjusting to life after an amputation often begins with post-acute care. 

physical therapy patient with virtual reality technology

3 Technology Trends in Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is adopting more technology-based solutions during post-acute care treatment including virtual reality, wearables and telehealth.

The Why and When of Memory Care

There are several factors that determine the right time for memory care placement and whether it’s the best choice for your loved one.

patient receiving pulmonary rehabilitation from respiratory therapist

What is Pulmonary Rehabilitation?

Pulmonary rehabilitation is designed to improve lung function. This article outlines how pulmonary rehabilitation can address respiratory conditions.

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