Post-Acute Care

2022 Trends To Watch Out For in Post-Acute Care

It’s a new year, and it’s going to be full of new trends and innovations that will drive the post-acute care industry forward. Some things are obvious with us still dealing with the hardships and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, while others may surprise you. Discover the developments happening in our industry

How Does Nutrition Help During Rehabilitation?

In order to return to normal as quickly as possible after an operation or critical illness, it is important to stick to strict regulations and incorporate positive physical activity daily, but something many people do not think of as a key to recovery is a nutritious diet. Discover how nutrition helps with rehabilitation.

5 Tips For Herniated Disc Recovery

A herniated disc can cause discomfort and sharp, radiating pain. They may also lower your ability to move and function. To keep up with your normal activities, day to day pain relief may become a top priority. Learn more about how to feel good again sooner rather than later.

Start Your New Year’s Rehabilitation Goals Early

If you’ve recently been discharged from the hospital and plan on enrolling in a rehabilitation program next year, why wait? Learn why you should start your rehabilitation goals early.

A person in post-acute care getting help from a nurse

Building Positive Post-Acute Partnerships

Developing strong post-acute partnerships is important in your recovery. But. how can you find the right provider for you? Learn about it here!


Catching the Early Signs of Dementia

Being able to diagnose dementia can prove to be challenging, but it’s important to avoid potential hazards and establish a support system.

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