A female healthcare worker is showing how to use a blood glucose monitor to a patient over webcam

4 Ways Technology is Enriching The Healthcare Industry

As the world becomes more reliant on technology, new innovations are popping up in all areas to make our lives either. 

More and more healthcare professionals are beginning to integrate new technologies into their practices and facilities to provide better quality care. 

As a result, many practices are able to meet the growing demand and efficiency to operate at a high standard.

Here are four innovations that are impacting the healthcare industry:

Telehealth Services

Instead of the traditional process of having a patient come to the doctor’s office, they can meet virtually to discuss treatment and concerns for a variety of non-invasive ailments. 

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, telehealth consultations have erupted in popularity to limit the virus’ transmission. While it is uncertain when this pandemic will end, we don’t see this trend going away anytime soon.

Wearables Promote Healthy Lifestyle

According to the Pew Research Center, about 21% of people regularly use a smartwatch or fitness tracker. Devices that will collect data about our health, including everything from the number of steps someone takes in a day, to the quality of sleep they have at night. 

This wearable technology is making an impact on the healthcare industry, as it allows people to stay on top of healthy habits and decrease the need for medications.

Enhancing Diagnosis’ Through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no stranger to the healthcare community. Many big-name tech companies, like Google and IBM, are utilizing their resources to create AI-enabled technology to assist the healthcare industry in diagnostics. 

This has also been seen in several tools, including chatbots, wearable devices, and medical machinery, which provides professionals with deeper insights

Robots Make Great Assistants

As many of you know, robotics has become an integral part of many surgical facilities. What you may not know is many healthcare professionals are beginning to use robotic technology in other areas of healthcare. 

There have been instances where rural residents utilize robotics as a way to interact with their doctors from a distance. There are companies building medical bots that therapeutically target specific parts of the body. 

The most prominent example of robotics innovating the healthcare industry is through rehabilitation and prosthetics. With an estimated $20 billion that will be invested in the medical robotics market by 2023, we can only guess this technology will only push our industry even further.

Technology Promotes a Greater Spirit of Caring

With new innovations and trends becoming available, the healthcare industry will have the resources to improve its care services. For the post-acute community, this means even greater capabilities to meet the growing demands of patients. 

At South Coast Post Acute, we’re happy to embrace these technological innovations and excited to see how they impact the healthcare system. If you are in need of post-acute assistance, contact us today!

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