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Post-acute Facts vs. Myths

The post-acute care industry has changed a lot over the years and for the better. With time, communities have become hubs that provide amazing benefits to patience. Yet, even today, many misperceptions about post-acute care communities persist. Separating facts from medical myths will help you stay open to all of your post-acute care options. Below are the top 3 we identified:

Myth: Post-acute care centers are like hospitals.

Fact: While post-acute care communities do offer in-depth medical care, they are very different from hospitals. Today’s communities offer home-like comforts and a less-structured atmosphere. They promote autonomy and choice, and offer a variety of services, social activities and recreational opportunities. Residents can customize their daily routine and are encouraged to continue social activities. These communities are resident focused. There are dining rooms, activities, outings and companionship. These offer residents mental, physical and social stimulation.

Myth: Patients never leave or go out.

Fact: Post-acute care communities look after a variety of patients, each with different needs. Some will stay only for a month recovering from an injury, other patients might require a lengthier stay. Post-acute care staff members work everyday on helping residents achieve their highest potential. For many residents, reaching that goal means they are able to leave the center for an outing or to visit loved ones or friends.

Myth: Residents cannot make their own decisions.

Fact: It is a resident’s legal right to make choices regarding activities, daily routines, health care and other aspects of life. The community’s responsibility is to provide an environment where residents can live together safely and harmoniously.

We hope that cleared up some of the medical myths around post-acute care.

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