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New Year, New Knowledge

Your accident was tough and it put you in the hospital during the holidays. That was rough but you were taken care of. Now you have to go to a post-acute care community for rehabilitation. You’re asking – what is that? As you enter the new year with a post-acute care stay on your calendar, we’ll give you the need to knows before you begin this journey. Post acute care communities include long-term hospitals, inpatient rehab, home health agencies, and skilled nursing teams.

3 Benefits of Post Acute Care This New Year


  • Patients who are discharged to a post acute care setting are less likely to be readmitted to the hospital. They are closely monitored for complications or changes in condition, which improves the likelihood of catching new or recurring problems early.
  • Post-acute care is to the advantage of the patient because experienced professionals are available to answer questions and assist with tasks that might be challenging at first.
  • Post-acute settings are more like home and offer more activities and services for long stays.


How South Coast Can Help in the New Year

As you enter the new year with this new adventure on your agenda, know that you will be taken care of in your post-acute care community and if by chance you are going to become a part of our family at South Coast Post-acute, take comfort in knowing that we are the leader in what we do. Happy New Year!


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