A couple sitting on a park bench stare out into the park nasal congestion

Nasal Congestion


Nasal congestion is an annoying symptom caused by seasonal allergiesThis can happen when the body overreacts to generally unharmful substances such as pollen, dust, and pet dander. Here are 4 tips to give your congestion a rest.

Drink plenty of water. This keeps mucus thin, making it easier to drain from your nose and sinuses.

Steam it out. Take a hot shower or turn on the humidifier, both of which can help clear out your nasal passage.

Keep your head elevated. Even when going to bed, prop your head up on several pillows. This will help to breathe.

Apply a warm, wet towel to your face. This will decrease sinus congestion and relieve that stuffy feeling.

Our healthcare professionals always do their best to get you home as quickly and safely as possible. Contact us today for more tips on how to control nasal congestion or other allergy symptoms. South Coast Post Acute is always happy to help get your health right on track!

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