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More Tips on Watching Your Weight in 2019

It’s another new year, which means we get another chance to make resolutions for the twelve months ahead of us. It may surprise you to learn that a recent survey found that dieting or eating healthier was the most popular resolution, with 71 percent of people saying they’d like to change their eating habits in the coming year. Exercising more (with 65 percent) and losing weight (at number three, with 54 percent) were more popular than quitting smoking. Do you see a theme developing here? The top three resolutions revolve around treating our bodies better, whether it’s by eating better and less, and exercising more.

Here at Santa Ana’s South Coast Post Acute, the post-acute community of choice for patients, providers, and caregivers in Southern California, we are committed to ensuring our community has the knowledge and skills needed to stick to their resolutions, such as dieting. One way we’ve developed our sterling reputation is by caring about the health and safety of the people who stay with us. We’re the Number One choice for people searching for skilled nursing, rehabilitation therapy, post-hospital care or post-acute care following a hospital stay.

As we age, it can become more difficult to get – and keep – the weight off. Slower metabolisms combine with less physical activity and changes in what we eat to cause many of us to pack on the pounds. Dieting is necessary for to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some tips to help you lose weight, and keep it off, this year. Start by eating smarter and making better decisions about what you eat. Choose healthier foods – even though older adults need fewer calories, they need just as high or even higher levels of some nutrients than young people. This makes it very important for older adults to eat a variety of whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, fish and lean meats. When dinner time rolls around, go with a healthy meal, such as fish and steamed vegetables. Ordering smaller portions will help, as well. If you’re staring at a large plate of food in front of you, you’re encouraging yourself to finish everything, which might actually be encouraging overeating. Listen to your body. Eat only when you’re actually hungry, and make smarter choices. If you want a snack, pass on that jumbo bag of high-calorie cookies or chips and choose a handful of nuts instead. Your body (and your waistline) will thank you.  

Many of us move less as we age. South Coast recommends you avoid sitting around all day, watching cable television. Instead, stay active. Whether you work out in a gym, exercise around the house or just get out of your chair and get outside for a walk or run, move. To start, walk around your neighborhood and take the stairs on a regular basis. These are excellent ways to burn calories, stretch your body and get some much-needed fresh air. Make sure you don’t over-do it at first. If it’s been some time since you were physically active, check with your doctor. Tell her your goals of dieting and exercise and how you plan to achieve them in the healthiest manner possible and develop a sensible plan that’s easy to stick with.

South Coast offers intensive medical and physical rehabilitation care for residents recovering after a hospital stay. Our team of highly-skilled medical professionals provide patients with the opportunity to regain their highest level of functionality prior to returning home.

An integral component in that care is helping to ensure our patients eat well and are as active as possible, with the goal of getting healthy and getting home. Contact us today to learn more about Santa Ana’s choice for skilled nursing, rehabilitation therapy, post-hospital care or post-acute care.

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