Post-Acute Nurse

How to Land a Post-Acute Care Job

The road to recovery does not end once you’re discharged from the hospital. In fact, it’s just beginning. Skilled nurses and practitioners in post-acute care work directly with patients to ensure they recover after their hospital stay.

But how exactly do you become a post-acute care professional? 

Understand the Role of a Post-Acute Care Professional

The goal with post-acute care is to transition recently discharged patients back to normal life. But, it’s not just focused on your patients’ motor skills, it involves a strong focus on their entire wellness. This may involve:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy

You Need the Right Schooling to Work in Post-Acute Care

Just like with any medical profession, you’ll need to study how to help patients with a wide variety of medical issues. Whether you’re a physician, therapist, or nurse, you must have the knowledge and skills to treat patients after they are discharged.

Have a High-Level of Care and Patience

Another trait post-acute care facilities look for in their staff is their ability to care for their patients. South Coast Post Acute has a high spirit of caring, which enables us to provide exceptional results for our patients. 

Additionally, patience is key. Recovering from a serious medical issue is never easy. You must understand that it’s a long road, but the destination is always worth it.

Join South Coast Post Acute Today!

South Coast Post Acute is one of southern California’s top-tier post-acute facilities with a specialty in physical therapy. Visit our careers page to see if you’d be a good fit with our organization.

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