nutritionists meet with post-acute patients

How Nutritionists Help in Post-Acute Settings

Nutritionists are skilled in biochemical reactions between diet and the human body. After hospitalization, patients need dietary guidance during rehabilitation. Older adults are especially sensitive after suffering an injury or illness. In post-acute care settings, nutritionists contribute greatly to patient recovery efforts. 

How do nutritionists assist in post-acute rehab? 

Here are three major ways:

Tailored dietary counseling – Nutritionists provide uniquely personalized dietary counseling. A full assessment of the patient and their medical condition, allergies, and family medical history are taken into consideration.

Designing a plan – Nutrition plans are designed after analyzing individual needs. Nutritional consideration is made to increase the body’s response to healing. Timing is also important. Dietary plans will include timing and portion amounts along with any prescribed medications.

Making changes – A patient’s dietary plans are monitored closely and adjusted when/if necessary.  The nutritionist may recommend an increase or decrease in certain foods or supplements to support optimal recovery. Dietary changes are a normal part of the post-acute care process.

South Coast Post Acute is a Leader in Post Acute Care

South Coast Post Acute is committed to innovative patient care. We focus on effective recovery treatments. With the help of a team of medical experts, we strive to prevent rehospitalizations. Nutritionists are pivotal to our inclusive care treatment plans.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you or your loved one regain their health.

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