Amputee during post-acute treatment

How Does Post-Acute Care Help Amputees?

Post-acute care treatments are crucial for amputees to receive proper rehabilitation and regain mobility. Oftentimes, patients are (understandably) eager to get back to their normal lives post-trauma and surgery. However, the loss of a limb or even parts of a hand or foot is a devastating life event. It is not something you can easily bounce back from as with some other types of surgeries. 

Perhaps the most important thing is having the mental resilience to adjust to your new body and the way it functions. Mental strength and a determined will to cooperate with therapy will get you far in the recovery process. 

Adjusting to an amputation, in particular, requires you to rewire yourself emotionally and physically for the journey ahead. It often begins within the capable and compassionate environment of a post-acute care center. 

Post-Acute Care Facilities: A Post Amputation Rehab Oasis

Post-acute care facilities bridge the gap between hospital treatment (including surgery) and returning home to  the environment you are familiar with. After visiting the hospital, our bodies are more fragile  than ever, and going straight home can often cause reinjury or improper healing to occur. 

Delicate Recovery

Amputees are especially in need of post-acute care treatment following the removal of a limb or appendages. The delicacy of rehabilitation is most important following surgery. 

Professional Guidance

Amputees can expect to receive professional guidance from a team of qualified medical professionals monitoring each step of progress until individualized goals are met and returning to a home environment is safe and in the best interest of the patient. As patients show improvements in therapy, rehabilitation plans will advance with more extensive procedures and routines implemented. 

Post-Acute Care Treatment Goal for Amputees

Goals are important during recovery. It helps encourage patients as they journey through a sometimes long rehabilitation process. 

Improved Quality of Life

The overarching goal for amputee patients is to regain as much functionality and independence as possible. We understand the mental struggle is already a significant hurdle patients will face. When physical function and mobility are regained, it helps the mental strength of patients to persevere through the recovery process and beyond. 

Post-acute care professionals work diligently to improve a patient’s quality of life after an amputation. How does this happen? There are some common treatments amputee patients receive that assist in the effort of reaching this goal.

Common treatments include:

  • Motor skill activity
  • Activities of daily living
  • Muscle strengthening exercises
  • Exercises to improve endurance and control
  • Finding the best fitting prosthetics
  • Pain management
  • Vocational counseling
  • Training loved ones on procedures 
  • Nutritional counseling 
  • Emotional support for grieving body image change
  • Equipping home environment for functionality, safety, and mobility

The post-acute care environment is necessary for patients to receive the best chance at regaining as much of their independence and functionality as possible. 

Gauging Success While Receiving Rehabilitation

There is a balance between making progress and healing properly. It is something that should not be rushed. Many patients and families are eager to get home after surgery, but post-acute care is necessary for long-term health benefits. 

The success of your time spent in rehabilitation largely depends on your commitment to your overall wellbeing and the encouragement you have from others. Remaining positive and patient with yourself each day is pivotal, as well as the loved ones that make up your support network. 

South Coast Post Acute Serves the Needs of Southern California Patients

South Coast Post Acute is dedicated to excellent client service to ensure effective recovery and low occurrences of rehospitalization. We are passionate about providing the highest level of care that you’ve come to expect from Southern California’s leading post-acute provider. 

As you are evaluating post-acute facilities with your doctor and loved ones, we invite you to explore the benefits of South Coast Post Acute’s innovative care, experienced staff, and welcoming accommodations. 

Contact us today for more information on how we can help on your journey back to restored health.

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