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Causes of Communication Issues

As we grow older, our communication skills start to decline due to many different diseases we develop with age. Changes in our communication skills are usually very subtle and sometimes go unnoticed for a long time, but they do have severe consequences if they are untreated. Some of the diseases which cause the impairment of our communication skills are listed below.

Why? Well, here at the South Coast Post Acute we have highly skilled nursing that will work with you to give you the best speech therapy treatment. Having the finest post hospital nursing is important to prevent irreversible damages to the communication functions in the brain. Although the follow diseases are incurable, symptoms can be managed and damage can be held to a minimum with the right practices.


Aphasia is the result of a stroke or a head injury and affects more than 1 million people in the world today. This will cause difficulty in expressing thoughts or interpreting what is written or said by others. Being treated in a post acute care community is important to recover from a stroke to prevent the onset of aphasia. In our occupational therapy sessions, the nurses will help you to practice oral sentence structure in meaningful social interactions, which will redevelop the mental mechanics of speech.


Dysarthria can be caused by a stroke or a brain injury, along with a tumor or cerebral palsy. As a result, speech mechanism is weakened, slurred, and difficult to understand. Speech therapy for dysarthria is critical because once some of the communication skills are gone, it is hard to recover them. Through occupational therapy, we work with you to do exercises that strengthen muscles of the mouth and jaw, which makes it easier to speak more clearly.

Parkinson’s Disease

Most people diagnosed with parkinson’s disease rarely know the reason why. Nevertheless, the symptoms can include speaking more softly, quickly, slurring of words, and hesitation before starting a sentence. Parkinson’s is very common because it is a progressive decline in our nervous system functions due to old age. With the assistance we provide, exercises such as practicing daily routines and engaging in various social situations can help reduce symptoms.

If you notice you or your loved ones starting to have some of these symptoms, it is essential to seek help as soon as possible. Regardless of your speech ailment, we at South Coast Post Acute can provide the best care and education on how to deal with these challenges.

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