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Speech Therapy Benefits

When we think of speech therapy, we usually think about children learning to differentiate the pronunciation between their W’s and L’s, or helping them get rid of their toddler lisp. But as we grow older, it is still important to keep our communication abilities in good condition, especially for seniors. They need to be able to communicate their pains or discomforts they are having in emergency situations. Aside from informing others about physical concerns, there is a huge social impact of having bad communication issues. At South Coast Post Acute Care, we give our seniors the best therapy that can help in many different ways. Speech therapy can improve:

Swallowing: Aging weakens the muscles we used to swallow food and liquids. With weakening muscles, seniors are more susceptible to choking while eating or drinking. Speech therapy strengthens these muscles and helps the swallowing reflex, giving seniors more security while enjoying a meal.

Vocal Cords: Vocal cords can lose their elasticity with age, which affects the larynx and makes it more difficult to communicate. Therapy can keep the vocal cords from becoming less elastic and strengthens them, which in turn leads to better communication.

Depression: Losing the ability to communicate effectively can lead to isolation and social exclusion, making seniors depressed and lonely. Having therapy to adequately interact with others and participate in social activities is an integral part of life, which decreases depression.

Having skilled nursing in a post hospital care to work with you in speech therapy is an essential part of aging. Here at the South Coast Post Acute care community, we specialize in speech therapy which will improve quality of life. Don’t hesitate to seek out speech therapy, the sooner you start the better.

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