Best Nursing Home 2021

South Coast Post Acute Ranks #2 in Newsweek’s Best Nursing Home of 2021

Newsweek Best Nursing Home 2021
South Coast Post Acute Ranked #2 in Newsweek’s Best Nursing Homes 2020-21

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the elderly population has been hit the hardest. Through the pandemic’s heartbreaking clarity, it can be a matter of life and death for our seniors. Choosing the right nursing home for an aging family member is a heavy responsibility now more than ever.

The number of Americans ages 65 and older is projected to nearly double from 52 million in 2018 to 95 million by 2060, and the 65-and-older age group’s share of the total population will rise from 16 percent to 23 percent. With senior care and nursing home facilities, we can do just that.

Choosing the right nursing home community for yourself or for an aging relative can seem overwhelming. South Coast Post Acute understands the decisions you face and knows that you have choices when choosing a skilled nursing facility. We are excited to share new survey results and hope these rankings can help make an easier decision when looking for a qualified and recognized nursing care facility is of concern.

Award Recipient for Nation’s Top Nursing Homes 2021

South Coast Post Acute has ranked as one of the best nursing home facilities in the state of California. The recognition was developed to highlight senior care organizations that stand out for their dedication to excellence in resident care. 

This universally relevant topic has yet to be polled until now. Newsweek has now provided the chance to engage its global audience with this compelling content and we wanted to let you know. 

Newsweek has continually partnered with global market research and consumer data firms to bring you the BEST places surveys year after year. This year they have partnered with Statista and created a new category that has not yet been brought to the public eye. 

The ranking is NOW LIVE on the Newsweek website. Check it out!

The survey was based on two primary data points. First, a reputation survey of 46,000 medical experts nationwide including registered nurses, nursing home administrators, licensed practical nurses, therapists, and physicians. Second, performance data scores from the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) measuring staffing, quality of services, and health inspections.

Our elders deserve the best care that they and their families can give them. Take a look at the rankings for certified and recognized post-acute and skilled nursing facilities to see South Coast recognized for such an outstanding achievement.

Are you looking for a new skilled nursing community? Read on for more information on how South Coast Post Acute can help!

Begin Your Nursing Home Search at South Coast Post Acute

At South Coast Post Acute, our skilled nursing home and licensed physical therapy specialists want to ensure you have all the education and knowledge you need before entering into a post-acute community and have the facts for you and your family to make the best decisions for your health and financial future to live life to the fullest after surgery, illness, or serious injury.

Here at South Coast Post Acute, we care about you and your family and the care received. We want to help you understand the options that you have when planning for long-term health care one of the best post-acute facilities in Southern California.

Community Services and More

When on a search for a credible skilled nursing facility there are many things to consider. Discuss the type of services your loved one needs with his or her physician. 

Obtain a list of area care centers offering those services. You can get some recommendations from your doctor or from friends, neighbors, and your church. Check out their websites or look for online video tours and testimonials from residents/family members of the community. 

Schedule a Tour with South Coast Post Acute

When you take a tour of our community, be sure to request introductions with the heads of departments such as nursing, social services, and administration. It is also good to bring a notebook and take some notes along the way. Reserve your questions of pricing until you’ve completed the tour. Price considerations will be better understood once you’ve seen what the community has to offer.

After Touring the Nursing Home

When you complete your tour, spend a few minutes with our admissions director. Address any pricing questions you have. Finally, all communities that participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs are surveyed and rated annually to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. Inquire about the community’s survey results and related CMS rating.

Making the Right Nursing Home Decision

Consider everything you experienced, go over your notes during your tour and compare the benefits, services, and amenities and the financial requirements necessary. 

Finally, remember to review the information gathered with your loved one who will be living in our community, your family, and any other important individuals who need to be a part of this decision. Ultimately, choosing the right community is a decision that can only be made by you, and South Coast Post Acute hopes you are able to find us as the right community for you or your loved one. Contact us today!

Real People. Remarkable Care. South Coast Post Acute.

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