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The Importance of Nutrition in Post Acute Care


Post-acute care has become a popular solution for seniors who are ready to be released from the hospital following a surgery or care for an illness. It is beneficial to recover in the presence of healthcare professionals, where you can receive medical care, rehab services and support with necessary tasks such as eating.

Nutrition is so important in post-hospital nursing and can have a huge influence on your rehabilitation. Your body needs the right nutrients to heal itself; otherwise, the injury could get worse. South Coast Post Acute wants you to have a happy and healthy journey to recovery, and we try to give our patients the best lifestyle post-hospital care.

Here are four tips for increasing nutrition in post-acute care.

Pack meals with nutrients and flavor. Foods like stews and casseroles are easy to eat and packed with high levels of nutrients. Add taste and smell to your foods by cooking with lots of spices. Try salt-free seasonings such as oregano, cilantro, and basil.

Eat colorful foods. Eating a plate full of bland, white foods can become boring and even unappetizing. Add fruits and vegetables to your plate, or try colorful alternatives such as sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes. The color of food, elements of a dish, visual texture, shape and even number of items on a plate can all contribute to a person’s appetite or impression of a plate of food.

Eat small meals more frequently. Big meals can seem overwhelming, especially for someone trying to recover. Instead, try several healthy snacks or smaller portions of a meal throughout the day.

Don’t eat alone. People often eat better together, so make your meals social. Invite friends or family to share meals with you.

Here are some of the best foods to eat when recovering from surgery.

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