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South Coast Utilizes Biodex Balance System to Help Seniors Stay on Their Feet

For years, Santa Ana’s South Coast Post Acute has worked in earnest to earn its first-rate reputation as the Number One choice for people searching for skilled nursing, rehabilitation therapy, post-hospital care or post-acute care following a stay in the hospital for themselves or a loved one. South Coast is truly the post-acute community of choice for patients, providers, and caregivers in Southern California.

There’s a reason so many amazing rehabilitation stories begin at South Coast: we always strive to treat patients like family. We are the caring community of choice for empathetic, skilled professionals who offer post-hospital rehabilitation, rehabilitation therapy and skilled nursing for people with immediate health issues, like emergencies or surgeries brought on by illness or an accident. Our committed, expert staff has one overarching objective: to stabilize the patient and begin the recovery process. Santa Ana’s choice for skilled nursing care, South Coast Post Acute, adroitly combines exceptional care and leading-edge technology to create an outstanding rehabilitation experience for the members of our community.

Our main goal is for you to get healthy and get home. Our short-term rehabilitation therapy patients stay in peaceful, comfortable rooms with top-shelf amenities such as cable TV, unlimited local calls, and restaurant-style dining. From the moment you arrive at South Coast, our post-acute care program plans for your transition back home. We discuss your treatment and recovery goals in collaboration with your physician. Your care team creates an individualized plan that’s tailored to your needs, and we make sure to communicate with you every step of the way as you progress toward those goals.

The immediate objective is to stabilize the patient and begin the recovery process. Unfortunately, for some patients a quick recovery is unrealistic. Sometimes patients require continued recovery and care – post-acute care. At South Coast Post Acute, we continue to care for our patients after they’re in the hospital. Our short-term rehabilitation program helps patients achieve their maximum functional capacity, helping them get back to their homes and community in the shortest time possible.

To achieve this goal, patients receive physical, occupational and speech therapy from our compassionate, highly-skilled therapists. They work in conjunction with our team of physicians, nurses, social workers, and nutritionists, along with the patient and their family to develop an individualized plan of care.

You may know that falls are one of the leading causes of serious health issues among the older adult population. South Coast is proud to announce the latest addition to our already-extensive roster of tools we utilize to prevent falls. In early 2019, we’ll be acquiring the Biodex Balance System SD. Recognized as the leader in the field of fall prevention, the Balance System SD was engineered to meet the needs of everyone looking to improve balance, increase agility, develop muscle tone and treat a wide variety of pathologies. It features an intuitive, easy-to-follow touchscreen operation designed to guide users step-by-step through testing protocols and training modes in both static and dynamic formats. It’s an extraordinarily versatile system that provides a fast, accurate Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning Program for older adults; closed-chain, weight-bearing assessment, and training for lower extremity patients; and adds the objective balance assessment component to a concussion management program. It’s based on well-established science, using technology to create an objective and efficient program. Modifying the factors that lead to falls increases mobility and confidence, which are both critical to maintaining personal independence.

The Biodex Balance System SD can identify a potential problem in just two minutes, using a simple combination of risk-factor screening including analytical balance testing in conjunction with universally accepted normative data and medical protocols. If a patient is found to be at risk of falling, there is an array of interventions and exercises that can help restore balance and reduce the risk. Intervention is supported by patient education and exercise plans.

We offer intensive medical and physical rehabilitation care for residents recovering after a hospital stay. South Coast’s team of highly-trained medical care staff provides patients with the opportunity to regain your highest level of functionality prior to returning home. South Coast Post Acute is excited to announce the Biodex Balance System SD to our bevy of devices available to help our community to get healthy and get home. Contact us today to learn more about Santa Ana’s choice for skilled nursing, rehabilitation therapy, post-hospital care or post-acute care and the Biodex Balance System SD.

Real People. Remarkable Care. South Coast Post Acute.

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