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How Elective Surgeries will Impact Post Acute Care Communities

Elective Surgeries Impact Post Acute Care Facilities

With Gov. Gavin Newsom relaxing his stay-at-home order to let hospitals resume elective surgeries in California, there will undoubtedly be an increase in need for post acute care communities. 

A few things we must consider is to ramp up setting protective equipment protocol for staff and patients and to prioritize patient communication through these times.

Personal Protective Equipment Protocol

The use of personal protective equipment is necessary to accommodate all patients in post acute care after surgery.

Optimal care in the post discharge phase includes a post acute care facility to have availability and be safe using the proper protective equipment. 

It remains up to the skilled nursing facility to conduct inventory of existing supplies and check expiration dates.

Patient Communication in Post Acute Care

The first principle for post acute care preparedness during this COVID-19 outbreak is communication with the patient about the transition from a hospital after surgery to a post acute care facility and that each patient should be tested prior to discharge. 

We have already implemented protocol to ensure a safe and healthy space such as regular disinfecting of patients rooms and common rooms, a continued hand washing policy, readily accessible alcohol based sanitizer, and screening the health of staff before they enter our facility. 

South Coast Post Acute currently has no patients or staff infected with the Coronavirus. 

To keep it this way, we continue to follow CDC guidelines, which includes a no visiting policy and PPE for staff, among other measures to prevent or limit any potential transmission.

We have a strong commitment to our work and a dedicated spirit of caring within our post acute care community. 

In a time where health concerns are at an all-time high, our knowledge of medicine and tools can make a difference. 

Exceptional, compassionate care; every time. 

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