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Successful Partnerships between Hospitals and Post-Acute Care Communities

Value based care is being introduced into many health care industries including physicians which are being compensated for successfully improving and maintaining the health of their patients. This varies from a traditional method of doctors being paid a set amount of money for each service they provide, even if it doesn’t necessarily benefit the health of their patient. This system places an importance on post-acute care providers to ensure the continued health of patients after they have been discharged from the hospital.


Currently, over 50% of hospitals have a long list of 18 or more post-acute care services that they can give out to those in need. With so many options, it leads to the use of more resources to ensure the same quality care is being continued after a patient leaves the hospital. Ideally, hospitals should establish a partnership with a select few post-acute services to recommend patients to.


There are factors that you must look at to ensure that the post-acute community you choose is the right option.  When it comes to leaving the hospital, Medicare requires a patient to stay in an inpatient hospital for three days before being transferred to a care facility. However, if the post-acute community has a star rating of three or higher, that rule can be bypassed.  Only two thirds of nursing facilities have achieved this rating, which cuts out a good amount of options. It’s important to review staff lists as well, and see how many registered nurses are employed in the community. Registered nurses are different from practical nurses, as registered nurses go through more training, and are placed at a higher caliber than practical nurses.


Rehospitalization rates are a large factor in choosing a post-acute care provider, as an ideal business should be below the national average. These ratings come out each month. In the latest report, South Coast Post Acute had a rehospitalization rate of 0%. This means South Coast Post Acute had no one return to the hospital in the 30 days since they were discharged.


Don’t trust your post-acute care to just anyone, come see why South Coast Post Acute is Orange County’s leading care provider.


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