physical therapy patient with virtual reality technology

3 Technology Trends in Physical Therapy

Healthcare systems are increasingly reliant on technology for improved patient care. Physical therapy is adopting more technology-based solutions in recovery efforts. These innovative solutions help patients and physical therapists alike. Here are three emerging trends in physical therapy today.

  1. Virtual Reality – VR technology offers simulated environments using visual, audial, and force feedback. Patients practice movements in a sensory-sensitive simulation. VR technology helps patients practice real-life scenarios. Physical Therapists use VR to help determine functional limitations and improvements.
  1. Apps and wearables – Wearable technology with accompanying apps help track and document patient progress. Devices and apps help track range of motion, exertion, muscle triggers, and more. Reminder notifications and scheduling options make it easy to document activity and share information.
  1. TeleHealth – Monitoring patient progress with telehealth remote options are increasing. Video conferencing allows patients to stay home. Physical therapists are able to virtually guide, assess, and discuss treatment plans. 

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