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Seeing Clearly in 2020: New Year’s Resolution For the Elderly

New Year’s resolution may be top of mind for many of us in this year of seeing in 2020 vision. However, typically 50% of Americans that make New Year’s resolutions break them. Did you know that only about 8% of resolutions are actually achieved? One way to keep your word to yourself this year is to be SMART when setting your goals (specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic, and time-based) and hold yourself accountable.

Setting goals is deeply personal and not everyone has the same needs. Residents of memory care and post-acute care communities also can benefit from New Year’s resolutions. To help your loved one start the year on a healthy note, consider these steps you can take together to improve overall well-being and check off essential house cleaning tasks to keep your affairs in order as you age.

Downsizing New Year’s Resolutions

This is a great resolution for seniors who want to start thinking about a move to senior living or skilled nursing community. When many seniors that have lived in their homes for decades look into downsizing their possessions is where things can get overwhelming. If your family is together for the holidays, set aside time to talk through items that may want to be passed on and start downsizing to share those memories with the ones you love.

Increase Brain Activity This New Year’s Resolution

Change can be intimidating, but it can also open doors. To help keep your loved one’s brain functioning at its full potential, share in activities that challenge cognitive abilities. Working puzzles, reading books, attending lectures, or socializing with others can help keep your family members alert, engaged, and enjoying life. Seeking out new experiences can open the doors to enhanced emotional and intellectual along with spiritual health. Make sure your family member is aware of the many stimulating activities available in post-acute care living and memory care communities.

One option to keep the brain active is to commit to using new technology. With the changes that have come with technology, the latest and greatest can be used to stimulate brain function and cognitive abilities. A tablet is a great place to start and will help you connect with family and friends throughout the year.

This New Year’s Make a Plan for Essential Documents 

An important to-do item that often gets overlooked in the challenges of everyday life is updating (or creating!) essential documents. From living wills and end of life wishes to financial documents and medication lists – all of it is important but can seem unnecessary until an emergency occurs. These documents are often disorganized or left undone and, when the family needs them, it’s often too late. Don’t let these tasks fall to the wayside; Make 2020 the year you get organized and have those tough (but necessary) conversations with family and friends about the future.

Keep Wellness Top Of Mind As Your New Year’s Resolution

More exercise and activity is beneficial for everyone — including post-acute and memory care residents who may suffer from health problems like arthritis and diabetes. Taking advantage of the many forms of physical activity available in our post-acute care community including yoga, walking, and chair exercise classes will set you off in the right direction to recovery. 

Aging gracefully takes implementing a few key principles like eating healthy and moving your body. At South Coast Post Acute, our dining services serve seasonal and nutritious food to keep residents healthy and well-nourished, while our wellness programs are specifically designed to help seniors move safely and have fun while doing it! Check in with our senior center and ask about fitness classes to make your health a priority while recovering in 2020.

Try implementing these New Year’s resolutions to increase your family member’s, or your own, health and happiness. Next year at this time you can reflect together on all the progress made.

Have you decided on your New Year’s resolutions? What life goals will you achieve in 2020? Let us know – we’d love to help you make those goals a reality in 2020!

If you are in need of a post-acute care facility, reach out to South Coast Post Acute. Our people are our greatest resource. Our staff is committed to providing the highest quality care and outstanding customer service to become the most trusted and respected provider of healthcare services in Orange County. We can help you through some of the questions about what services your Medicare plan covers.

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