Differences Between Post-Acute Care and Skilled Nursing Care

The Importance of a Supportive Post-Acute Staff

It is no surprise that having an awesome support system behind a patient plays a huge role in their recovery. Whether the patient is going through rehabilitative therapy or memory care, having supportive post-acute staff is crucial for a patient’s successful discharge. For effective care, our post-acute facility implements new technologies and management styles to ensure every patient is properly cared for.

Become More Supportive Through Training

While large post-acute facilities often have a more sophisticated training technology, smaller facilities have adopted their own methods to carry out supportive care. Skills for excellence in caregiving are taught through training and applied in their day-to-day operations. After all, with proper instruction and certifications, post-acute staff are able to provide aid and encouragement a patient needs for a successful recovery.

Support Management for a Successful Discharge

Successful healthcare facilities work in coordination with hospital discharge requirements to take care of patient needs, goals, and discharge. Firstly, communication is the key to successful patient recovery. Having a goal-oriented conversation is a priority for caregivers and patients to build an effective care plan. The ability to share information easily and efficiently is imperative to improve patient outcomes and reduce the chance of hospital readmission.

Secondly, follow-through is essential for a patient to meet recovery goals. Medical physicians are trained to be supportive and inspire patients to advance in their care performance. Skilled nursing facilities like ours prepare to get patients healthy and rehabilitated for prosperous recovery.

How South Coast Post Acute Can Help

For over 40 years, South Coast Post Acute has been one of the premier post-acute facilities in Southern California. Our physicians encourage each patient to advance in their therapy at a comfortable pace in order to move forward. Our goal has always been to get you healthy and get you home! With world-class treatment and effective, custom treatment plans, every patient receives top-notch support. Contact us to learn how we can assist you during your recovery!

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