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COVID-19: 3 Lessons The Healthcare Community Has Learned

COVID-19 has undoubtedly affected us all, but it’s hit the healthcare community the hardest. As one of Southern California’s top post-acute facilities, we’ve adapted our operations during the crisis to ensure we meet the needs of our patients.

Along this uncertain journey, healthcare providers have learned from the crisis and its environment to understand how the post-acute community can move forward.

Ensure Optimal Capacity To Treat COVID-19 Patients

As healthcare providers discharge COVID-19 patients, new post-acute care options must be  identified that will help individuals recover.

Many of these patients have been extremely debilitated due to mechanical ventilation and risk being in acute hospital care for 2-3 weeks. As post-acute leaders, we must be able to identify available capacity in our system to help restore functional independence for patients.

Protect Vulnerable Patients from Those Infected by COVID-19

The elderly and patients with autoimmune diseases are prone to COVID-19. To ensure their safety  from contracting the virus, healthcare professionals must take precautions to protect them from risk.

Prioritize  testing, monitor contact tracing, routine sanitation, and administer in-place checkups. These protocols safeguard the elderly and Immunocompromised patients from the virus.

Redesign Operations to Boost COVID-19 and Non-COVID Care

Leaders in the healthcare community have already recognized opportunities to improve the industry’s approach to caring for patients discharged from hospitals during a pandemic.

They must create, revise, and revisit pandemic response plans. This is to ensure the public receives optimal delivery system resources, supplies and equipment, and the right amount of staff to fulfill demand.

South Coast Post Acute Continues to Learn From COVID-19

As the pandemic continues, its effects impact our daily lives. Therefore, there has never been a greater call for quality post-acute care. At South Coast Post Acute, we’re available to our Southern California community to bring top-quality care that meets your needs. 
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