What Are Common Memory Care Treatments

While dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can be crippling conditions, there are plenty of ways to help loved ones handle these …

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The COVID-19 Vaccination
The COVID-19 Vaccination and Post-Acute Care

There is no question of what the massive impact COVID-19 has had on the most vulnerable populations. In early 2020, …

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Healthcare worker giving comfort to patient sitting down in senior care facility
3 Most Common Injuries Among Seniors to Be Aware Of

As people get older they begin to lose some of their cognitive skills and sharpness. This unfortunately leads to a lot of injury amongst seniors. Learn more here.

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Understanding Post-Surgery Care Options
Understanding Post-Surgery Care Options

Getting back to your best after a major surgery can depend on various factors, from the type of procedure, age, …

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A post-acute care nurse is typing on her laptop
How New Innovations Impact Post-Acute Care

Post-acute services have introduced innovative solutions aimed to improve and meet patients’ needs. We’ve highlighted a few in our blog post you can read here.

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A group of female nurse practitioners making a heart shape with their hands
Becoming An Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

Acute Care Nurse Practitioners (ACNPs) provide patient care and specialized treatment and diagnostics for people who’ve suffered from an acute illness or injury

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Three older females are doing a yoga session to help with their post-acute care
Past and Future Innovations in Post-Acute Care

The services provided by post-acute care professionals have come a long way since the Medicare Prospective Payment System in 1983. Learn how here!

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A older man is hunched over holding his back due to a injured herniated disc
Herniated Disc Injuries

While being fairly common, herniated disc or slipped disc injuries can be very uncomfortable for people. But what causes these injuries to occur? Learn more!

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A elderly couple opening gifts for the holiday memory care
Reminiscing Can Improve Memory Care

Reminiscing around the holidays has shown to be a very important aspect of helping patients going through some sort of memory care program.

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