A female nurse is helping a elderly man during his rehabilitation training
Setting Rehabilitation Goals for the New Year

In rehabilitation, goal setting is important as it provides the patient with something to work towards to better their daily life activities.

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Reminiscing Over Holiday Memories Can Improve Memory Care in Seniors

Making new holiday memories is fun for all. The holiday’s are full of happiness centered around the family table as …

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Speech therapy
Seniors: What Speech Therapy Can Do For You?

Speech therapy can help with so many more skills pertaining to communication. Because communication is so integral to our everyday life, speech therapy for seniors is important to help the elderly learn to effectively communicate their needs and desires.

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Two seniors talking before their yoga exercises
6 Simple Exercises For Seniors

As we get older, it’s imperative we stay active. For seniors, it’s crucial to their physical and mental health. Visit our blog to learn some easy exercises.

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A nurse is helping a nursing home patient during COVID-19
South Coast Post-Acute Named Among Best Nursing Homes in the U.S. According to Newsweek

South Coast Post-Acute was named among the best nursing homes in the United States according to a recent Newsweek ranking. Learn more here!

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A Graffiti image of a COVID-19 face mask on a white building
Adjusting to the COVID-19 Crisis: Post-Acute Care

Notable adjustments impacting post-acute providers have been made during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how South Coast Post Acute has adjusted their operations.

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Best Nursing Home 2021
South Coast Post Acute Ranks #2 in Newsweek’s Best Nursing Home of 2021

South Coast Post Acute has ranked #2 as one of the best nursing home facilities in the state of California from Newsweek.

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A close up shot of COVID-10 face masks for post-acute care
How Post-Acute Care Has Adjusted to the COVID-19 Crisis

Due to COVID-19, there have been several of adjustments made in the post-acute care community. Visit our blog to learn more about changes impacting the industry

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A male nurse is helping a male patient during his occupational therapy
What Can Occupational Therapy Do For You?

if you have been diagnosed with a condition or are recovering from surgery, occupational therapy can help to recover skills needed in daily activities.

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