A face masked female nurse is washing her hands helping containing COVID-19
Strategies For Containing COVID-19 in Post Acute Care

If COVID-19 enters into any skilled nursing facility containing the virus is it the primary concern. Use CDC guidelines to manage the illness with care.

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infographic of hands on tablet with medical information, tech start-ups
How Tech Start-Ups Are Helping Steer Post Acute Care Decisions

Post acute care is getting a makeover thanks to a few tech startups. Companies are investing in the aging population to help innovate the discharge process.

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seniors male and female cooking, mental and physical health
Simple Activities That Promote Mental and Physical Health

There are many simple activities that promote mental and physical health for seniors, and their effects are great when used in tandem. Read more!

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physician looking at computer with elderly man, telehealth services
The Role of Telehealth Services in Post Acute Care

The role of telehealth will impact patient assessment and physician interaction in post acute care if skilled nursing facilities.

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A female is holding her wrist in pain after occupational therapy arthritis
3 Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Seniors

Occupational therapy for seniors is essential for recovery efforts in post acute care. Engaging in occupational therapy can increase their recovery.

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Elderly lady sits on her bed depressed about her memory care insurance
Planning Ahead with Long-Term Care Insurance

Get ahead by planning ahead with long-term care insurance for seniors before entering into a post acute care facility. Read more here.

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woman speaking to doctor over computer improve care telehealth technology
Transforming Post-Acute Care with Telehealth Technology

Technology advancements like telehealth have the ability to improve post acute care at skilled nursing facilities helping patients stay healthy and safe.

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Pink piggy bank with coins Managing debt for seniors
Relieve the Burden: Managing Debt for Seniors

Debt stays with us longer than we would like. Managing debt as a senior can be stressful as we plan for retirement or the need for long-term care.

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man in hospital bed elective surgeries
How Elective Surgeries will Impact Post Acute Care Communities

With the relaxation of protocol, hospitals in CA have reopened to perform elective surgeries. Read on to learn how this will impact post acute communities.

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