positive senior man giving thumbs up for speech therapy
The Benefits of Speech Therapy for Seniors in Post Acute Care

Speech therapy for seniors in post-acute care is especially important for those who have suffered memory loss or dementia.

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Doctor and wife helping male patient with a walker
Ensure a Safe Hospital Discharge to Post Acute Care

Hospitals are making room for ill patients with Covid-19. We want you to have a safe and healthy hospital discharge during this time. Read on for more.

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Elderly man on the ground with knee up someone else is looking at the injury
General Principles of Wound Care

As a post-acute medical care facility, we understand the importance of wound care. Here are some general principles for patient wound care.

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A woman wears a face mask to fight the coronavirus
Virus Protection in Post Acute Care

Virus protection has become center stage, especially in the post-acute care community. These are the ways we are helping to decrease the spread.

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Elderly lady receiving a shot from a doctor
Information for Adults About Vaccines and Post Acute Care

To keep our loved ones safe, vaccines are recommended even for adults. Read more about vaccines in post-acute care and why they are recommended.

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Memory care Infographic of person's head and brainwith carious colored icons showing mentally impaired issues
Transitioning Your Loved One into a Memory Care Facility

Our elderly parents can require more attention as they age. Our skilled memory care facility helps your loved one counteract dementia through activities.

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CDC microscopic image of a virus. Corona virus.
Conditions of the Coronavirus: Post Acute Care

With the coronavirus top of mind in the news today, how does this stack up to other more well-known viruses within the post-acute care community?

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two elderly women lovingly talking to each other
Impacts That Can Improve Your Memory

Improving memory function as we age is easy if you know-how. At South Coast Post Acute we care for our patients and their recovery. Read more to learn how!

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Doctor and patient looking at a chest xray
Combating Respiratory Illness

Combating a respiratory illness in the elderly is a common concern, especially with the Corona Virus making headlines. Read on for tips to protect yourself.

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