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General Principles of Wound Care

Wounds can be caused by a number of reasons and wound care in a skilled nursing facility is important. Some can be a result of an injury, surgical intervention, or underlying conditions such as diabetes or vascular disease.

As doctors and nurses in post acute medical care, we understand how to handle these wounds, but it’s important that a patient knows the general principles that go into their care.


This is the process that causes bleeding to stop. In most cases, Hemostasis will be spontaneous.  However, in cases of significant injury or laceration of vessels, actions must be taken to reduce bleeding and aid the process. 

Providing pressure, elevation, tourniquet, or suturing the wound are just some of the ways.

Cleaning the Wound

To reduce the chance of infection and promote healthy healing, your wound must be cleaned.  You can disinfect it with antiseptic or use an antibiotic ointment. 

If the wound is minor, you can simply clean it with lukewarm water.


This allows for easier closure of the wound. 

One of the most common forms of analgesia used for infiltration is a local anesthetic with regular systemic analgesia like paracetamol to be used simultaneously.

Skin Closure

Another aspect to wound healing is manually closing it off. 

There are many methods of doing so, such as skin adhesive strips, tissue adhesive glue, sutures, and staples.

Dress the Wound

By dressing the wound, it will help reduce infection and possible contamination. To properly apply a wound dressing, the first layer should be non-adherent, followed by an absorbent material, and a soft gauze tape to secure it.

The importance of caring for a wound cannot be expressed enough. Without proper care and knowledge, you can be putting their quality of life at risk

If you are uncomfortable applying these principles to your wound, do not hesitate to get the help you need.

Addressing Wound Care

At South Coast Post Acute, we are determined in providing the best care we can. 

If you receive wound care treatment in our facility, you will be given guidance on how to keep it healthy and ways to protect it from further complications. 

Get in touch with us today or visit our website to learn how our post-acute medical care facility can help!


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