The Why and When of Memory Care

It can be hard to watch the progressive effects of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease on a loved one. Determining the right time for memory care placement depends on several factors. This short video highlights what you need to know about memory care and whether it’s the best choice for your loved one.

What is Memory Care?

Memory care is a subset of assisted living and nursing care, offering smaller staff-to-patient ratios and programs that meet the unique needs of people living with a wide range of cognitive impairments. Effective memory care takes a holistic approach to promoting mental wellness by including medical, safety, social, and family support in the care plan.

When is it Time for A Memory Care Program?  

The decision of when a loved one should enter a memory care residence is rarely easy. There are specific behaviors and circumstances, however, that indicate when someone may need memory care.

  • Changes in behavior – a drastic shift in personality or start acting in dramatically different ways
  • Confusion that impacts physical safety – disorientation that leads to concern for a loved one’s safety
  • Decline in  health – changes in weight, strength, physical features, etc. 
  • A caregiver’s deterioration or death
  • Incontinence

Choosing A Memory Care Facility

Some important considerations as you’re evaluating memory care options include:

  • Type of facility – assisted living, dedicated memory care community, or skilled nursing facility
  • Atmosphere and staffing – cleanliness, number of residents, specially trained care providers, etc.

What’s included – transportation, tertiary care, resident activities, etc.

Have a Plan

Moving a loved one to a facility doesn’t have to be a negative experience. A previously agreed-upon plan can make a world of difference when facing the placement process. Research different residences, assess the financial implications, and ask your loved ones how they’d like to be cared for before cognitive decline sets in.

South Coast Post Acute Provides Top-Tier  Memory Care

South CoastPost Acute is one of Southern California’s premier post-acute residences with a specialty in memory care. Our services are designed to engage patients living with dementia in a safe and healthy environment. Contact us today for more information.

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