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What Doctors Should Check After a Fall

If you experience a fall, seek medical assistance immediately. No matter if you feel injured or not, there is a wide range of fall related injuries that can occur, and some do not show symptoms right away. However, going to the doctor’s after a traumatic event like a fall can be difficult to navigate. Our South Coast skilled staff understands that it can be overwhelming to seek medical assistance without knowing what is necessarily wrong. If you have experienced a fall, here is what our South Coast skilled nursing staff checks for in our post acute community.

Underlying Illnesses
When an elderly person experiences generalized weaknesses, doctors usually will try and derive the original root of the medical problem. Be sure to bring up any and all symptoms you’ve noticed, even if you believe they are not correlated. There are many common illnesses that can make someone fall, including but not limited to urinary tract infections, dehydration, anemia, or the common cold.

Blood Pressure and Blood Tests
Lightheadedness and fainting are fall related symptoms that could indicate a bigger issue with blood pressure. Doctors should check blood pressure when the patient is both in sitting position and a standing position. Sometimes there can be a drop in someone’s blood pressure when they move to a standing position, and that can lead to lightheadedness and possibly cause a fall.

Review Medications
Many older adults are taking medications that have a fall risk associated with the side effects of that specific medication. These medications can often be reduced or completely eliminated from someone’s medical routine. Some common medications that are known to have this side effects include certain sleeping medications, blood pressure medications, diabetes medications, and opiate medications. Have your doctor review medications you are currently taking to see if another option is better for you.

South Coast Post Acute understands how experiencing a fall can be disruptive to one’s life. If you or a loved one has fallen, it is crucial to speak openly and honestly with your care provider. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our post acute community at any time.

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