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Virus Protection in Post Acute Care

With the recent developments regarding the Coronavirus tending in the news, COVID-19 is top of mind in the post acute care community. Virus protection in post acute care is essential to contain the spread of infection.

Therefore, the emergence of the outbreak in a nursing home community located in Seattle, WA has brought a spotlight to precautionary tactics to elder care facilities. 

Virus Protection in Post Acute Care

At South Coast Post Acute, we want to keep you informed of our procedures to keep the spreading of infections at bay.

While there’s still no vaccine available, there are steps that experts at Mayo Clinic recommend taking to keep yourself safe against the coronavirus infection:

Preventative Measures

As a Medicare 5-star quality rated facility, we wanted to outline a few infection prevention tactics our staff is implementing regularly to keep our post-acute care community safe.

  • Regular disinfecting of patient rooms and common areas
  • A continued hand washing policy is implemented for all staff and physicians after handling patients
  • Access to alcohol-based sanitizer
  • Use of disposable latex gloves used during all patient interactions

South Coast Post Acute Cares

If you believe you may have the new Coronavirus, experts say the best thing to do is contact your doctor immediately. Before being admitted to a post-acute care facility check in with your physician if you are feeling ill. As not everyone needs to be tested for COVID-19.

Prevention and care can go a long way in keeping patients protected.

In a time where health concerns are at an all-time high, our knowledge of medicine and tools can make a difference. At South Coast Post Acute, we have a strong commitment to our work and a dedicated spirit of caring within our post-acute care community.

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