Understanding the Road to Stroke Recovery

Suffering a stroke is never an easy situation. It takes a tremendous toll on our lives and requires a lot of attention and support. Stroke recovery can take days, weeks, and even months before things get back to normal, but with the right support, you can get back to a full bill of health. 

As one of the top post-acute care facilities in Southern California, South Coast Post Acute provides a high standard of care for every patient it works with. We’ve assisted thousands of patients on their road to recovery and this is what we’ve seen.

Treatment for Stroke Recovery Begins

After being discharged from the hospital, it’s imperative that you begin rehabilitation as soon as possible. Studies have shown that patients have a better chance of a full recovery if they start treatment right away. 

A typical rehabilitation team will include psychiatrists, neurologists, various therapists, and nurses to synergize their knowledge to create a road map for your stroke recovery. 

Therapists Will Help Prevent Long-Term Effects

While the effects and severity of a stroke itself vary from person to person, you must take its long-term effects into account for recovery.

Physical, occupational, and speech therapy professionals can determine which areas of the brain are affected by working with a patient to complete various activities such as walking and talking. 

Priority in Stroke Recovery

One of the goals of stroke rehabilitation is to focus on getting you to the point where you can perform daily activities. It takes time to see results, but rehabilitation therapists will work with patients to keep their momentum going. Therapists will explore new treatments as each patient is different in terms of how they recover. 

South Coast Post Acute Helps Patients on Their Road to Recovery

South Coast Post Acute is one of the premier post-acute facilities in Southern California. We strive to provide exceptional care services for every patient we work with to ensure their needs are met. Contact us today to get started on your recovery!

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