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Top Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Many older adults can have limited mobility after an illness or injury. Stroke, severe arthritis, or injuries from falls can reduce seniors’ activity levels. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is a major factor in living a long life, but, as studies show, having hobbies and staying active socially is important for seniors. Getting hands-on can help senior citizens to avoid boredom or loneliness, and perhaps more importantly, help reduce the risk of health problems. 

After an injury or illness, finding activities for seniors with limited mobility may seem troubling. At South Coast Post Acute we strive to get you back on your feet after post-acute injury or illness. Our post-hospital rehabilitation community provides top-tier care for recovery. Having limited mobility doesn’t have to mean the end of good times. Here are some top activities for seniors with limited mobility:

Soak up a Story

Enjoying a new level of the written word can be very rewarding. Explore new stories that take you on an adventure, keep your mind sharp, and grasp new concepts. In fact, reading can lead to improved memory, stress reduction, and better sleep. If old school paperbacks are tough to view, try an e-reader like the iPad or Kindle because they are lightweight and can adjust the text to improve reading capabilities. If post-acute injuries make it hard to hold devices or physical books, get set up with an audiobook to help in your rehab while stretching your mind with wonder.

Oogle the Outdoors

After a post-acute injury, you spend quite a bit of time indoors. With the help of your loved ones, plan a trip outside. Getting to a local garden, park, or even the grocery store is a great everyday activity that can aid in your rehabilitation. Fresh sunlight can be a great mood booster,  so even just sitting on the porch to watch the neighborhood can brighten your day.

Get into Gaming

Playing games is a great activity for seniors with limited mobility. When you first think of games, playing cards or checkers may come to mind, but expand your mind and fill your fun with digital games. Tablets are great to explore new ways to have fun with coloring, reading, music, brain games, or block stacking apps made for all ages. Many digital devices can provide assistance in post-acute rehab so get your game on!

Hop into a Hobby!

Hobbies are great to pass the time after post-acute care. Exploring a variety of hobbies that don’t require a lot of moving around helps stimulate the brain and keep you active. Cooking, birdwatching, knitting, or learning a new language are great ways to stay involved and continue learning. If you would like to learn more about additional activities great for the elderly, read our blog Healthy Hobbies for Seniors!

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