Fall Recovery

Tips to Help You Through Fall Recovery

According to the National Council of Aging, falls are one of the leading causes of injury for older adults. About 1 in 3 adults 65 and older fall each year, resulting in it being a leading cause of nonfatal and fatal injuries for elderly people. As a result, many people require a strong fall recovery plan to ensure they get back on their feet and get back to their normal routines. 

South Coast Post Acute is one of southern California’s leading post-acute facilities that helps you conquer your injury. It’s never easy rehabilitating your body after an injury, but our skilled staff will be there to guide you every step of the way. Read our blog post below to learn some ways you can maximize your fall recovery.

Prepare Your Home for Fall Recovery

To rehabilitate your body after a fall, you need to ensure your home is safe to prevent any potential hazards. Additionally, your home must be made to promote better fall recovery. This includes:

  • Place traction mats in high-risk areas like the bathtub, through the bathroom, and near your kitchen sink.
  • Install handrails around your stairs and grab bars in your bathroom.
  • Remove any rugs that cause uneven footing and replace hardwood flooring with carpet.
  • Install night lights around your home to help you see in the dark.

Eat Healthy Foods During Your Recovery

While you should be eating healthy foods anyways, it’s especially important to eat them as you rehabilitate your body. A diet that is heavy in proteins and other nutrients can help speed up the healing process and give you the energy to stay active. As you make your way through recovery, there are many foods you should steer clear of, such as:

  • Processed meats
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Refined carbohydrates
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol

That is because these types of foods can slow down the healing process and possibly make your condition worse. It may be wise to seek a nutritionist to establish an eating regimen to help you during your fall recovery.

A Proper Fall Recovery Needs a Strong Support Network

Sometimes it’s hard to find people who are willing to support you when you’re out for the count. But, having a strong support system is one of the many aspects of recovery that must not be taken lightly. Whether it’s your family, friends, doctors, or caregivers, you need someone to help you get better. Having someone on your side can ensure that you:

  • Keep up with your dietary needs
  • Medications
  • Rehabilitation exercises
  • Ensure chores are being done
  • And so much more

Prepare Yourself for a Journey

Don’t think of your fall recovery as just a recovery, think of it as a journey. It may be long and strenuous with lots of uncertainties, but by the end of the trip you’ll come out better than before. When you partner with experienced physical therapists and physicians, you’ll gain knowledge and experience to prevent future falls. 

You should expect your journey to primarily consist of physical activity designed to get your body back to a healthy state. Developing and maintaining a regular exercise program can increase your strength, balance, and heal your body. Additionally, once you are back to full health it’s recommended that you continue a consistent workout schedule. It’s been shown that regular exercise can decrease the risk of falls in people aged 65 and older.

We Are Experienced in Developing a Fall Recovery Plan

South Coast Post Acute is a 5-star rated Medicare facility and private healthcare community in Southern California. For over 40 years, we’ve provided first-class service that emphasizes a high level of compassion and spirit. 
When you enroll in our facility, you aren’t just treated as a patient. You’re treated like family. With a wide range of health services, our team of professionals is capable of helping you. Contact us today and learn how South Coast Post Acute’s staff can help you return to a normal life.

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