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3 Ways to Handle Grief During the Pandemic

Heartache has confronted many people during the coronavirus pandemic. Restrictions have separated loved ones from each other for health and safety concerns. Coping at this time can be extremely difficult for those in isolation. Isolation due to COVID-19 restrictions is also apparent within a post-acute care setting. Managing the discomfort brought on by grief it is important to: identify and be aware of your grief, understand the effects on yourself and others, and focus on self-care to improve your outlook.

Recognize These Challenging Times Are Not The Norm

It isn’t easy adjusting to the changes brought on by the pandemic. However, recognize that these challenging times will too come to an end. Try not to place blame or judgment on yourself about the intensity or frequency of your emotions. 

Create a New Routine

Daily rituals can be a great way to create a sense of normalcy and help deal with the weight of isolation. 

Get accustomed to daily tasks that give you strength and preserve a sense of order and purpose. These are always an important structure to your daily life, and even more so during a pandemic. 

Practice Self-care

No matter what type of grief you are experiencing, it is important to remember that your feelings are valid and you are not alone.

Place your focus on new skills and self-care practices to feel more accomplished. Aim your attention on personal hygiene care, limit your media exposure and increase your mood through exercise.

Grief Counseling in Post-Acute Care

As a premier post-acute care center in Santa Ana, we have a strong commitment to our work and a dedicated spirit of caring within our skilled nursing care community. Our community is full of very caring and skillful physicians and staff providing high-quality service to help you recover faster.

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