An assisted living bedroom in a post acute facility

Things to Consider When Searching for an Assisted Living Community

As people grow older, seemingly simple tasks may become progressively more difficult to accomplish. This may lead to consideration of a professional health care provider or a permanent care facility.  An option which has become heavily prevalent in recent years is an assisted living community. In an assisted living facility, necessary care is readily available for residents while still allowing them to maintain a sense of independence. The most common form of this business is called a community care retirement community. The idea behind these establishments is allowing people to purchase an independent apartment within the community and as time passes and health declines, an increased level of supervision and care is provided by professionals. Like any major decision, the idea of moving a loved one into an assisted living facility takes careful consideration and planning.

For those choosing to follow the route of assisted living, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration to make the best personalized choice. The first step is to assess the condition of your loved one. How much help do they generally require daily? Based on their level of independent capabilities, an assisted living community can be chosen to fit the amount of care they require. The relativity of family members is important, as well. Keeping your loved one close enough to enable frequent visitations can prevent them from feeling disconnected or alone. It may make it easier to adjust to their new living situation if they have family to help and support them, too.

When looking to find a permanent living situation, it’s crucial to consider not only the current health needs of your loved ones, but what the future may hold. If their health is visibly declining or they have a progressive ailment, it’s important to look for a facility that is equipped to provide comfort and care both now and in the future. Any special needs must be met as well, such as wheelchair access or personal assistance getting around. Many assisted living communities have a waiting list, so it’s important to start your search well in advance to ensure that your loved one will have a spot when they need it. 

Referrals and recommendations can be useful tools in your search. Talking to people who went through the same process previously can significantly shorten your search process.  When the options have been limited to one or two possible facilities, a site visit should be taken in to become familiar with the establishment.  This is an opportunity to talk to current residents as well. Find out about their overall experience living there.


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