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Using Technology for Balance Training

It should come as no surprise that technology has changed the world of rehabilitation therapy. The use of technology in post-acute care is helping to further shape how patients recover quicker through effective balance training.

Facilities like South Coast Post Acute have seen advanced technology become a standard in rehabilitation facilities. Here are ways South Coast Post Acute implements technology to ensure we continue our tradition of being state-of-the-art and patient-friendly. Balance training is an excellent exercise for all patients.

South Coast now uses the balance training system, Biodex Balance System, which uses technology to reduce the number of falls, one of the leading causes of serious health issues among the older adult population. 

South Coast engages patients in their rehabilitation balance training. Getting patients actively involved in their own rehabilitation is a key component to eventual success. When a patient is engaged, you can expect quicker, more effective results from their rehabilitation.

For more than 40 years, South Coast Post Acute has provided post-acute rehabilitative, memory and long-term health care services. South Coast Post Acute is the post-acute community of choice in Southern California.

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