An elderly woman takes a photo with her daughter showing the power of people

Having a Tight Family Unit Keeps You Going

The Power of People

Making the move to a post-acute center can be a stressful process. It is important to have a tight family unit to ease the transition. Remember, the power of people keep you going!

Seniors who maintain strong ties with their families have even been shown to outlive those who report less favorable relationships.

Maintaining a high-quality life includes staying connected to friends and family. Having good connections with family can get you through the tough times and also bring on more happy occasions. Holidays birthdays, or engagements with the grandkids. All of these times are best shared with family.

Losing personal connections was a primary concern for about 30% of those surveyed in the United States Aging Survey. Keeping those connections strong will give you the strength and confidence you need to persevere through any ailment.

There is a correlation between health and the strength of one’s family relationships. Some of the benefits associated with close relationships are a stronger immune system, increased brain health, longer overall life, and improved mental health. Keeping a strong physical and mental presence will do wonders for your overall health, keeping you aimed at your goal of getting better and staying strong for your family.

At South Coast Post Acute, our skilled nursing specialists and licensed physical therapists want to ensure you that your loved one is adjusting to post-acute care and is feeling supported in their transition. Staying close with family can strengthen the bond between individuals. There are many ways to learn more about each other and staying close to the things, and people, that matter

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