Telemedicine and the Future of Healthcare

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, the medical industry had to readjust how it provides quality care. Post-acute care, in particular, has integrated new ways to secure the health of their patients. Telemedicine is the most apparent example of how medical professionals are adapting to the current needs of their communities. 

Telemedicine Will Only Get Better With New Technology

Telemedicine continues to grow at a rapid rate, and the technology will only get better and accelerate its influence in the healthcare industry. With new programs and technologies constantly in development, we expect this trend to continue. 

Telemedicine Creates Convenience For Patients

Additionally, studies have shown that with more Americans limited to their usual activities due to chronic health conditions, telemedicine presents an effective way to obtain quality medical assistance.

As such, patients will choose providers, health systems, and hospitals that offer telemedicine access. With customers growing more accustomed to virtual care, telehealth will redefine patient expectations in all levels of healthcare.

Telemedicine Will Promote Business And Revenue Growth

It’s also expected that medical providers who provide telemedicine will see business and revenue growth. According to AHA, hospitals noted a significant drop in revenue and patient volumes from COVID-19. Experts believe facilities that offer telemedicine will have a new revenue source that will safeguard against future crises in healthcare. 

Probably the biggest advantage telemedicine will bring to the healthcare table is its support for preventative care. By offering a more convenient option to obtain care, patients will be more open to visiting a health professional. This will reduce hospital readmissions, complications, and in-patient stays, which may lower the cost of treatments and services.

South Coast Post Acute Embraces Telemedicine

It’s become clear telemedicine is becoming a significant part of the medical industry as more healthcare providers utilize telehealth services. At South Coast Post Acute, we’re excited to see what is in store with this form of treatment. Contact us today to learn how our telehealth services can assist you in your post-acute needs.

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