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The Role of Telehealth Services in Post Acute Care

Telehealth Technology

In our current healthcare crisis, patients’ health and safety are top-of-mind. The rise of developments in telehealth will change our current paradigm of care in post-acute health. This option will allow for improved access and health outcomes in cost-effective ways. The role of telehealth services in the post-acute care industry is a game-changer to combat the spread of disease and improve patient interaction with physicians.

The value of telehealth points not only to preventing contagious diseases but also providing access to effective care remotely.

The rise of telehealth technology will:

  • Break down barriers caused by time and distance by decreasing interaction time between patient and physician
  • Maximize income by lowering in-person interaction costs defining value-based care
  • Improve productivity by delivering increased physician interaction

Telehealth Services Under PDPM

The Patient-Driven Payment Model, classifies patients in a covered Part A stay. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has now elected to base payments on a patient’s complexity. Previously, payments were based on Medicare reimbursements for the volume of therapy provided.

CMS has recently moved to encourage Medicare Advantage plans to embrace telehealth, taking a step in the right direction for all patients.

Assessing Services at South Coast Post Acute

The potential for telehealth at our facility presents challenges and opportunities. In addition, providing efficient care to our patients is our commitment to South Coast Post Acute.

We provide high-level quality service to all our patients and will work with everyone to make sure they get back on their feet.

Contact us to learn how our services can help anyone with post-acute needs!

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