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Take Care of Yourself When You’re Sick

Here at South Coast Post Acute, we are committed to helping you maintain your wellness. This can be a daunting task this time of year, as we’re right in the middle of cold and flu season. It can be especially hard to stay well if you’re already struggling to get over an illness, but aren’t quite running at 100% yet. We have a few tips to help you maintain your strength and fend off a relapse of your illness.

Stay hydrated. This is important advice no matter how you’re feeling. Being sick can make you dehydrated, so drinking fluids, such as warm beverages, is vitally important. Also, consider water or sports drinks with electrolytes.

If you’re still working, call in sick. You owe it to yourself and your colleagues to take the time your body needs to fully bounce back from the cold or flu. It serves no one for you to be around others when you’re under the weather – you risk making them ill, and you also up the chances of re-infection. Hopefully, your boss will understand your position and appreciate your thoughtfulness. If you don’t get the okay to miss work, do the best you can to minimize your workload and stress, and avoid being around other employees.

Get as much sleep as you can. Giving your body the rest it requires will do wonders for your immune system, allowing you to heal that much faster. If you’re unable to sleep, at least stay in bed and rest as much as possible. In lieu of sleep, you can enjoy relaxing activities in bed, such as doing a crossword puzzle.

Exercise only if your symptoms are above your neck. For example, if you have a cold and have developed a runny nose, exercising moderately could help you feel better. If you have an upset stomach, though, exercising could exacerbate your illness, so avoid doing anything strenuous.

Take supplements, such as Vitamin C, zinc and echinacea. These can shorten the duration of your illness.

We’ve saved the most logical advice for last: avoid contact with other people. Especially stay away from large, crowded areas such as shopping malls that are breeding grounds for all sorts of germs.

We want you to stay healthy. For more useful care tips, contact us.

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