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Support Your Loved Ones as They Age Gracefully

According to a study conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics in 2009, 25% of United States citizens who identify as elder (age 75 and older) reported that they needed help with daily activities including food shopping, handling finances, as well as household repairs and chores. Even though these people report needing additional assistance, many find it difficult to go through the action of receiving help since this means admitting to a decrease in their mental and physical capabilities. Although this is a common problem that comes with aging, communicating with your loved one about these issues can keep them happy, healthy, and safe.

Not only do we provide rehabilitation services here at South Coast Post Acute, but we provide long-term Memory Care services to supporting seniors with progressed stages of memory loss. Our qualified team is here to give both you and your loved one constant support and attention. Below are some of our recommendations for beginning the process of finding the proper assistive care for the people you care about.

Determine the Issues
The first step of setting up assistance for someone is determining what exactly they need additional help with. Spend some time observing your loved one’s individual behavior and notice which activities they struggle with the most. If your loved one communicates having difficulty with performing something, talk about specifics issues with that activity. Is something too heavy to lift? Is it difficult to concentrate on a task? Is it too tiresome to stand for long periods of time? Discovering the extent of how much help they require can better prepare you on how to offer solutions.

Be Respectful
When initiating the conversation of finding assistance for your loved one, understand that they may meet the idea with apprehension or anger. Although this may be frustrating, maintaining a perspective that encompasses their feelings will allow for you to better understand what you can do in supporting seniors.  Keep in mind, it’s not what you say, but how you say it. Be open to other suggestions they may propose and if they are persistent on denying care, ensure that you are there for them and your top concern is their safety.

Establish Support Network
After coming to an agreement with your loved one, you now have to determine the best way to supporting seniors. Depending on their needs, you may hire an aide that comes in on a daily or weekly basis or you may need to hire a caregiver that is qualified to give round the clock care. Make sure that your love one is happy with the support by regularly checking in and asking them about their experiences.

If you are considering an assisted living community, then you need to find a community that will accommodate your loved one’s lifestyle. Here at South Coast Post Acute, we provide individualized care to best fit the needs of each resident through the most innovative medical techniques. Our qualified doctors and nurses administer and monitor all medications taken by our residents while our dietitians develop meal and activity plans to benefit physical wellness and mental acuity. Our community works tirelessly to ensure the health and happiness of our residents. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions or to schedule an on-site visit.

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