A nurse is helping an older woman dealing with speech loss

Speech Loss Treatment Options

When one is diagnosed with aphasia, or speech loss, there is a lot of information to process all at once. Residents are usually overwhelmed with emotions when they are experiencing loss of speech of the first time in their lives. However, one of the most crucial decisions to make is which treatment option will be a best fit for that individual. Aphasia is a diagnosis that has varying severities depending on each person and one may require a more extensive treatment approach. Here are some of the most common treatments for speech loss.

Community Support and Integration: With this treatment option, the focus is to provide community support to encourage the resident to participate in community life through aphasia support groups and by adopting life participation approach to Aphasia. This life participation approach is to motivate residents to make choices to re-engage with everyday life activities.

Multimodal Treatments: Multimodal treatments utilize nonverbal and alternative communication strategies in order broaden the way people with Aphasia can communicate. Augmentative and Alternative Communication is a specific method in this range of treatments that involves replacing natural spoken language with aided or unaided symbols.

Reading Treatments: With this method of treatment, residents opt to read sentences aloud multiple times to regain strength in facial muscles and speaking abilities. This treatment allows for individualized by selecting text that is relevant and interesting to each resident.

Syntax Treatments: For  those experiencing difficulty with grammatical structure and sentence-level deficits, syntax treatments will be the treatment path they will want to look in to. Syntax treatments specialize in the production of specific sentences to build an understanding of the underlying complexities in sentence structure.

Remember that these are few a few examples of treatment options for those diagnosed with Aphasia. At South Coast Post Acute, we offer a wide range of treatment services for those who you know that are suffering from Aphasia. Please feel free to contact us with any question.

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