Aging senior in a wheel chair holding on to the spokes of his chair. Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabilitation Therapy



After an injury, illness or surgery, rehabilitation therapy and post-acute care can be just as crucial as the initial hospital visit. These services help patients regain their strength, health, and mobility as quickly and completely as possible. Our skilled nurses and physical therapists create an individualized and extensive plan to meet your specific needs and goals. We at Santa Ana’s South Coast Post Acute want our patients to have the best lifestyle post-hospital care.

Our rehabilitation therapy program provides care for patients recovering from strokes, surgeries, broken bones and more. With our highly trained skilled nurses and medical care staff, we offer everything you could wish for in recovery including physical and speech therapists, nutritionists, CNAs and discharge planning specialists.

Here are a few types of rehabilitation therapy.

Physical therapy helps relieve pain, improve your ability to move and prevent further injuries. Click here for a few physical therapy treatments that will help increase your recovery.

Occupational therapy is designed to help patients with their everyday activities such as dressing themselves, personal hygiene and even cooking.   

Speech and Language therapy revolves around helping a patient improve his or her ability to speak or swallow. It also focuses on working through any cognitive or memory disorders.

Contact us today to learn more about Santa Ana’s choice for skilled nursing, rehabilitation therapy, or post-acute care.

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