A post-acute nurse is dealing with fatigue due to the COVID-19 crisis

Reducing COVID-19 Fatigue

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all aspects of our daily lives, most obviously how and where we work. Unsurprisingly, healthcare workers have been hit the hardest by working longer hours and more shifts. With more hours going into taking care of our community, it’s affected workers time to recharge for future shifts. With the crisis having no end in sight, it is important to manage COVID-19 fatigue and stress of our current situation.

Be Aware Of Your Reactions

When under stressful conditions, it’s common for people to react in ways they wouldn’t normally. To response to cope in these situations, individuals can exercise ways to control emotions. Everyone needs to understand that experiencing any distress is not a sign of weakness. Express self-compassion and recognize that almost everyone is reacting in unconventional ways.

Improve Your Sleep

Right now, the work of healthcare professionals seems never ending. With more frequent, longer shifts means each needs more time to recharge and prepare mentally for the next day. Some methods to get an effective night’s sleep include:

  • Sleeping in a comfortable, dark, cool, and quiet room
  • Partake in things to help relax – meditation, relaxation breathing, etc.
  • Avoid bright lights 90 minutes before bedtime
  • Eat healthy foods and stay physically active

What Employers Should Do to Help Reduce Fatigue

As an employer, it’s absolutely essential we recognize this crisis is creating a stressful, uncertain environment for workers. To alleviate some stress, creating a culture that prioritizes safety through clear coordination and communication is essential between management and employees. This includes a Fatigue Risk Management Plan, where spotting signs and mitigating injury or error due to fatigue is made a priority. 

The Health And Safety Of Our Employees is Our #1 Priority

To provide top quality services to each of our patients, we prioritize our employees by making sure they are getting the rest they need. At South Coast Post Acute, we appreciate everything they do for our organization, community, and patients. If you have any questions regarding our healthy safety protocols or need post acute assistance, contact us today!

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