A nurse is helping a patient recover after a fall-related injury

Recovering from a Fall


At South Coast Post Acute, our compassionate team of skilled healthcare professionals has taken part in the rehabilitation of hundreds of patients from fall-related injuries over the years. Our staff understands that a fall-related injury requires support from everyone in our community. We band together to provide the compassionate care the recovery process requires. We give patients the care they need to return to their pre-fall lives as quickly as possible.

Falls can have a bad effect on people and be especially dangerous as we get older. Many conditions can contribute to falling. Most fall-related injuries are caused by a combination of risk factors, and many can be changed or modified to help prevent falls.

At South Coast Post Acute, we offer an extensive range of rehabilitation therapy. At South Coast Post Acute, we are by your side through every step of your post-hospitalization journey. Our compassionate and exceptional staff supports all of your medical and health goals.

Learn more about our exceptional services and discover for yourself why Santa Ana’s South Coast Post Acute is Southern California’s post-acute community of choice.  

Contact us to today to find how how we can help!

Real People. Remarkable Care. South Coast Post Acute.

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