Three elderly women taking a efficient stroll in a city park in the winter to promote senior care

The Importance of Daily Activities in Senior Care

Everyone knows that part of the recipe for living a long life and efficient senior care is remaining physically fit and eating a diet rich in whole foods. Now, new research shows that exercise and positive mental health activities all contribute to the overall quality of life for senior adults. Longevity research indicates that cognitive activities like the healthy hobbies we offer at South Coast are just as important as walking, yoga, or other physical pursuits. Even more important, hobbies help prevent feelings of isolation and depression. Looking after the health of older adults has so much more to it than just medication management. 

Just because a senior is in an acute-care community does not mean their activities need to stop. At South Coast Post-Acute, we understand that many seniors lose mental and physical mobility for a variety of reasons. When this happens, you might worry that their favorite hobbies and pursuits will stop.

When you are truly healthy, your mind is active and sharp, and you engage in daily activities. That is why our skilled staff offers a wide array of activities and healthy hobbies that are both active and passive. Our post-acute rehab staff understands the best way to encourage social connections depends on the mental, cognitive, and physical state of the senior. Interest in and the ability to perform a specific activity varies significantly from person to person, so that is why we offer a wide range of activities to help stimulate and engage. 

We understand that having healthy hobbies are an integral part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, even in post-acute care. After all, being healthy is so much more than just being physically fit. Seniors need to be mentally fit as well. A loss of mobility does not have to mean an end to the exciting and fun hobbies your loved one enjoys. 

For older adults, we have to cater to their interests and help them flourish and develop new passions. Arts and craft activities are an excellent healthy hobby to maintain or pick up, since they can be performed independently or as part of a larger group. Stimulating the brain through creative processes can also be one of the best activities for seniors since it is both an active and possible hobby. Art therapy has proven benefits to help stimulate the brain, improve cognition, and reignite old memories. 

Like art, gardening has proven benefits for being critical in helping seniors develop and maintain the skills they need to flourish in their older years. It is not only an excellent form of exercise, but it also helps to encourage motor skills and reduce stress levels. 

At South Coast Post-Acute, we help your loved one avoid boredom and loneliness with healthy, hands-on hobbies. This will not only prevent further physical and cognitive decline, but hobbies can also have a direct impact on your loved one’s quality of life. Being social has been shown to improve cognitive abilities in older adults, making interactions with others an integral part of keeping mentally fit.

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