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Preventing the Spread of Infections in Care Communities

In an era of emerging and re-emerging communicable diseases and infections, the importance of infection prevention and control measures in post-acute care is a very high priority in long-term care communities. Controlling the spread of infections within the post-acute care community (whether it is patient-to-patient, patients to staff, staff to patients or among staff) includes prevention (via hand hygiene, cleaning, disinfection/sterilization, vaccination), monitoring (surveillance and outbreak investigation) and management (interruption and control of outbreaks).  

With skilled nursing, South Coast Post Acute has processes and procedures in place to help prevent and control infections and the spread of infections within the post-acute care community.  Infection prevention and control measures aim to ensure the protection of individuals who might be vulnerable to acquiring an infection while recovering in post-acute care.

As simple as it may sound, in the post-acute community, the basic principle of infection prevention and control is proper hygiene in post-hospital care.

In post-acute care, the main elements of infection prevention include hand washing; use of personal protective equipment to avoid direct contact with patient’s blood and body fluids; the prevention of needlestick/sharp injury and the cleaning and disinfection of the environment and equipment.


South Coast Post Acute has established sustainable infection control policies as well as the implementation of appropriate infection control measures and supplies. With our south coast skilled nursing, we have set procedures in place to reduce the spread and eliminate any infection as quickly as possible in our post-acute care.  

All of the preventive measures discussed in this piece are critical to the prevention of the spread of infections in post-acute care communities.  But in the end, it mostly comes down to proper hygiene, staff training and appropriate human behavior in the post-acute care.

When you or a loved one is admitted to our post acute care community, he or she enters a highly-specialized environment that is responsive and committed to individual healthcare needs.  South Coast Post Acute offers 24-hour skilled nursing care focused on helping people of all ages recover quickly and return to the place you call home.

Please visit our website at www.SouthCoastPostAcute.com or drop by for a visit.

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