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Post Hip Replacement Recovery Tips You Need to Know

Receiving a hip replacement is a major medical event in a person’s life. Surgery of any kind can be traumatic to the body and its recovery process. However, hip replacement is especially delicate and sensitive in its post-surgery healing process. 

It’s best to arm yourself for what to expect and how best you or your loved one can cooperate with generating a complete recovery. Continue reading to discover key tips for preventing re-injury or rehospitalization after you’re discharged from the hospital. 

Preparations for Immediate Post Hip Surgery Recovery

Follow these preparation tips and later on, we’ll outline some additional tips after coming home. 

Make Your Home Environment Recovery Ready

Preparation is key to any successful outcome, but especially when your quality of life is on the line. Have loved ones clean, rearrange and make the layout of your home free of any clutter, obstacles, or potential threats to your safety. Having a clean and clear path throughout your home is essential ahead of time. Your home may need to be reorganized for easy-to-reach accessibility that won’t put any harmful strain on your hip joints and mobility. 

Perhaps the most important rooms to get in order are the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. These areas are essential to keep orderly and accessible for you or your loved one recovering from hip replacement surgery. It is best to keep items accessible at or near waist height to reduce the likelihood of strain and pressure on the hips.

Be Well Stocked with Important Items Available

Since you or your loved one will need the most help in the immediate weeks following release, ensure your home is well stocked with grocery items, cleaning supplies, and bath items. If possible, try to have a meal plan already in place and the food prepped in advance to make everything run a bit smoother after surgical discharge. Having a clean and well-stocked home to return to makes it easier on everyone involved in the recovery process. 

Plan your Leave and Make Other Necessary Arrangements

If you are the friend or family member overseeing the immediate care of your loved one undergoing hip replacement surgery, make plans to take time off work well in advance. You might also need to make arrangements for any kids you have or pets that need to be looked after while you’re spending most of your time with your loved one. If you are someone recovering from hip replacement surgery, anticipate an average of three whole months before your doctor clears you to safely return to work. You may also want to consider alternative transportation options should your doctor advise you against driving a vehicle. Look into other alternatives and have a list of options ready for you when you begin to regain your previous work-life routine.

Practical Hip Replacement Recovery Tips 

After you’ve put in place the necessary preparations, there are some good tips to keep in mind throughout your recovery journey. 

Balance Gentle Movements with Rest

Gentle movement is often associated with a healthier recovery process. Be sure to follow the guidelines your medical team provides and remember that rest and gentle movements should work in balance with one another. In other words, you don’t want to over-work yourself and neither lack movement with too much rest and inactivity.  

Consider Adopting an Anti-Inflammatory Diet 

Eating anti-inflammatory foods is one of the best ways to assist your body with its natural ability to heal itself. Whether you have a medical condition or not, anti-inflammatory foods is the best prevention and treatment for your long-term health. A dietician and nutritionist should be able to assist you with guided dietary guidelines. Getting plenty of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from micro and macro-dense superfoods is going to make a huge difference in your recovery time and overall sense of well-being.  

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