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Post-Acute Delivers More Value and Better Outcomes

In a constantly changing healthcare market with new businesses coming into the picture, pre-existing healthcare establishments need to reinvent and innovate themselves to stay prominent. Expanding programs such as value based care and bundled payments emphasize on whether a hospital can lower their costs while simultaneously elevating the quality of care given, even after a patient has been discharged. The area for improvement falls on the need for continued out of hospital care. This leads to increased usage of post-acute care providers who can continue hospital quality care for an ensured full recovery. Since post-acute care is proven to have such immense benefits on patient health outcomes and overall hospital costs, the goal for hospitals to partner with these services has become a priority.

As post-acute care is getting so much more consideration, the healthcare field is looking to enhance the value of these services. Both health systems and health plans have taken it upon themselves to search for methods of improvement. Some health plans have taken the initiative of creating new clinical methods and data based improvement tactics. This strategy can show how well current practices are working, and therefore open the door for new methods of treatment.  Health systems have used a different approach, looking at things such as re-hospitalization rates and the average length of stay for a patient in the post-acute care community. With the partnership of a post-acute care program, hospitals can actively prevent patient readmittance and avoid penalization from Medicare. Patients in turn get the treatments needed to lead to a full recovery. With the benefits of such a partnership, there’s no doubt that healthcare industries possess the tools needed to innovate and acclimate to the constantly changing market surrounding them.

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